Nicko Offering Cuba Itinerary Aboard the World Voyager

Nicko Cruises is offering travelers an intensive Cuba experience aboard the World Voyage promoting the company’s slow cruising concept.

“Onboard the World Voyager, our guests enjoy a cruise with a yacht feeling, thanks to the small size of the ship and the excellent service on board,” said Guido Laukamp, managing director of Nicko Cruises.

“The timetable is designed in such a way that you can discover all the highlights that Cuba has to offer with enough time and of course not miss out on the relaxation in between,” added Laukamp.

The slow cruising concept with long layovers in the individual ports allows guests to experience individual and authentic impressions, accompanied by a variety of excursions, such as vintage car tours and cooking classes, according to a statement from the brand.

In Santiago de Cuba, guests follow the traces of the Cuban revolution or visit the fortifications, which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Guests will also have the opportunity to visit Cienfuegos, referred to as the pearl of Cuba.

Nicko Cruises’s Cuba experience also includes a snorkeling trip to Cayo Largo del Sur as well as exploring the flora and fauna using its Zodiacs.

On the way to Havana, the World Voyager will stop at the port of María la Gorda before continuing the trip to the peninsula of Guanahacabibes. During a dance course, vacationers immerse themselves in Cuban rhythms, dance movements and the Cuban temperament.

For travelers booking at the last minute, there is a 15-day cruise from St. Martin to Cozumel in February 2023, with a focus on Cuba and a detour to the Dominican Republic.

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